Sabtu, 22 September 2012

no head line

This is the time for me to leave, do i have to stay and wait for a miracle
I dont thing i could
I just want to catch the true
And feel nothing
No sad no blade
Just be save and try to do not  doing a mess
I may being well but sometimes i am more
Or i may just stak on a death rifer
So i can not moving out
But i thanks to my god
My god is the only one that care with me after all
Say your sorry
And i will give up to keep fight
Or we just take our place with piece on somewhere out there
I will not being in road too long
Because my breath is waiting for long
I could die without them
If i had known about my death i am sure that i would not prepared my self
So thank you for for give me at last and how i could to psy it back

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