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the lord of the ring soundtrack

Side 1:

Theme from "Lord of the Rings" (02:53)
History of the Ring (06:32)
The Journey begins / Encounter with the Ringwraiths (04:33)
Riders of Rohan (03:45)

Side 2:

Escape to Rivendell (06:22)
Mines of Moria (06:11)
The Battle in the Mines / The Balrog (05:11)

Side 3:

Mithrandir (03:20)
Gandalf remembers (02:22)
Frodo disappears (02:38)
Following the Orcs (03:16)
Attack of the Orcs (04:04)

Side 4:

Helm's Deep (07:02)
The Dawn Battle / Theoden's Victory (04:59)
The Voyage to Mordor / Theme from the "Lord of the Rings" (04:45)

[edit] CD reissue

History Of The Ring
Gandalf Throws Ring
The Journey Begins; Encounter With The Ringwraiths
Trying To Kill Hobbits
Escape To Rivendell
Company Of The Ring
Mines Of Moria
The Battle In The Mines; The Balrog
Frodo Disappears
Following The Orcs
Fleeing Orcs
Attack Of The Orcs
Gandalf Remembers
Riders Of Rohan
Helm's Deep
The Dawn Battle; Theoden's Victory
The Voyage To Mordor; Theme From The Lord Of The Rings

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